Sunday, 21 August 2011

A new take on Training!

Here's some of my earlier work for TELUS Communications. I wish I had taken some before shots, but instead dove right into the project since there were tight deadlines. The finished spaces are truly a transformation from the gloomy shades of dusty blues and grays that enveloped the rooms before. 

The scope of this project involved updating the interior of two rooms to better reflect the TELUS brand. The rooms, 690 sq.ft., consisted of a classroom and a training/multi-purpose room.

The project was carried out within a very challenging schedule. The two room facility is used several times a month to train customers and generate revenue, thus all renovations had to be done with little interruption to the training schedule. Where possible, existing furniture pieces were refaced and reused.

The final product provides more flexibility in using the space, while offering comfort and the fresh TELUS approach that customers expect of the brand.