Saturday, 2 April 2016


I really can't describe this lobby makeover any better than Lobby-licious! - I love everything about it...just as I do chocolate!

After taking a brief look at the space I instantly knew how I would transform it.

Finally I would get to use a carpet I had loved, for it's whimsical floral and it's dash of colour, not often found in contract carpets straight from the mill. I also got to inject a fabric I've been longing to use - a cut velvet in a modern geometric - on the backs of the occasional chairs. With all the colour and pattern in check I moved on to the neutrals and bones of the space.

I introduced a few walls of wood paneling to bring warmth to the spaces. And of course because I love the pattern of the carpet I simplified the floral and created custom wood panels - there are three areas to the large lobby, so the panels provide subtle division to the spaces. 

I'm equally in love with the floor when you first walk into the lobby from the outside because of it's sophistication. I lost the battle with my client of installing a polished tile throughout - they wanted a matte finish to reduce slips and falls - but we reached a compromise. I inserted a polished mosaic between the tiles in the same colour tone, and installed the grid at a 45 degree angle for more interest.

In the upper lobby by the elevators I changed the installation pattern of the tiles and gave it the same sense of sophistication by inserting a custom marble medallion - it is subtle and ties in all of the colours of our palette.

I even love the accessories of the space - the grand ornate mirror, the planters, the commissioned artwork, the wall of sheers...ahhh, I could just move in and stay here!