Thursday, 14 September 2017

Words to motivate the Workout

Whether running for an extra five minutes, pushing for one more set or holding that plank for just a little longer, a motivational mantra will go a long way. 

In both spaces the client simply wanted some fresh paint, but I decided to go the extra mile with the design, without flexing too hard on the budget. I chose to rep bold colours and use cut vinyl to empower and inspire. I wasn't able to change the room layout or the flooring but I did get some choice phrases from my favourite personal trainer. 

In one I chose a bright and energizing orange along the bulkhead that crosses the large room and repeated the colour with the vinyl phrases on the walls. The other space is smaller but looks out onto the lake so I was inspired to reflect the blue hues onto an accent wall. The other walls are either all mirrored or glass which allow you take in the view. 

All in all I'd say I raised the bar with this quick and artistic way of putting the fun into fitness!