Monday, 23 February 2015

Mad about Plaid

Once again I tackled a space that was underutilized; the lounge adjacent to the laundry room, in the basement of a large mid-town building --dare I say it felt dungeon-ous?  --which residents would pay no heed to unless they wanted to borrow a book from the large library, or abandon a piece of their furniture.
So as kings and queens of this castle would've beckoned, I took my inspiration from a wonderful tweed plaid I've had in my back pocket for a year, itching to put it to use. Plaid and checks can crisply jazz up an outfit and can work in a room too to have the same effect - traditional with a youthful spirit.

I decided to place the inspiration fabric on two large ottomans, and began layering in more squares into the space. The carpet was a no-brainer -- I'm still in love with it! The custom wall unit was also an instant must-have for the room to maintain ample space for all of the books, and now we even have room for growth.

I convinced the clients that the castoff wing chairs were also salvageable. They were reupholstered with a modern twist of croc vinyl with linen backs and the wood got a update with black stain. I love how these transformed!


The space now reads like a modern English library: cozy and warm, surrounded by time worn books, a few heirloom chairs, and comfy velvet chesterfields to relax in.
The residents are loving the space and I'm still mad for plaid.