Sunday, 18 August 2013

Social Room Reno

For 10 years, the residents of this 3-building complex in a desired area in Toronto have wanted their social room to be renovated - the dance floor had seen better days and the single sofa in the room was begging to be retired.

We were asked to be very conscious of the budget, so renovations were kept to be mainly cosmetic.

Wall covering installed - Love the circles!
The project design was signed off in February 2012, and by October, every wall, floor and the ceiling had been overhauled with commercial grade wall coverings, vinyl wood planks for the floor throughout, dimmable CFL pot lights and new cabinetry. In the bathroom, the expanse of wall tiles were kept and the new finishes worked with the colours and geometrics of the chicklet 70's tiles. The redesigned kitchen now has the all-important buffet island that's needed for party usage in this century, without the expanse of empty cabinets.
This summer's budgets allowed for the much needed furnishings - so now the room is a party space you can really party in!



It's amazing what a transformation new cabinetry can make to the space

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Ashes to Fitness

This renovation was a quick and easy project...for me that is. For the residents of this beautiful lakefront property in Burlington, what was once their sauna had accidentally charred almost two years ago. We stripped everything back to the bare walls and after permits and studies, I was finally able to transform the room into the fitness centre they never had...but desperately wanted.

The owners of the building asked to keep it simple, but I just couldn't bring myself to slap on paint and drop in flooring - so I added some trim detail to the walls to give the room some interest. A little detail goes a long way don't you think?