Saturday, 4 February 2012

Waiting in style

I was recently asked to complete the transformation of three apartment lobbies, that had undergone major renovations a few years ago.  It was now time to abolish the 90's furniture, carpets and accessories of the space, that hadn't gone away with the reno.

The buildings are home to approximately 1000 residents in an upscale and desirable area of Toronto. The lobby spaces are very similar in size, look and feel, with slight variances in colours.

I focused on giving the residents something entirely new, however complementing the renovations. I also paid special attention to the needs of the elder residents in the building as they utilize the lobbies the most, awaiting rides and guests at all times of the day.

The result are three unique spaces. Updated and classic. Durable with beautiful details. Purely functional yet has touches of home. My favourite aspect of the furnishings is the piping detail on the club chairs - it's like the satin collar of a tuxedo - the finishing accent that bellows style!