Monday, 1 July 2013

Still loving NYC

Does two years in a row make for an 'Annual Jaunt'?...Well, I'm surely going to try to make a tradition of it if I can.
This trip was more business than pleasure however. With only one night and two days in the big city, I had a full agenda. First stop was the Boutique Design show at the Javits Centre, where I was hoping to be inspired and of course wanted to see the latest in hospitality furniture and finishes. The booths were filled with exotic finishes, statement pieces paired together with other statement pieces, details upon details, yet it all worked wonderfully - a feast for the eyes!
Here are a few shots of things I found interesting.

Tartan tiles!...amazing micro tiles
Modern interpretation with sass!
Looks like iron fretwork but it's a wood composite - laser cut

Again, interesting things can happen when you can laser a material - this is Corian

Love the graphic punch of this headboard
Addicted to colour - a retail display


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